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Virtual Courts and Access to Justice

Daksh Khandal*

Published on April 28, 2021 | Manuscript Number: 2021/LLR/28051 | Page Numbers: 51-57

Abstract: Virtual Courts are courts working on e-platform over the internet providing access to people from their own place. It is an emerging concept with an increase in the use of technology. The main objective of the article is to focus on the use of Virtual Court, especially in the present time. Courts are there for providing justice to the people and when these courts have wide reach with the help of technology it helps in making a wide reach of access to justice to people who otherwise would be left out. One major problem judiciary face is a delay in justice that can also be overcome by the use of e-courts and its services at any place. In the following article, we will be discussing the past of virtual courts and also increasing the role of the virtual court in the present era. It has become an important part at the time of COVID-19. We will be discussing different developments in the area of digitization of courts and its proceedings. The number of online court services provided that are making its process easy and fast is also been focused upon. The future goals of virtual courts are also being discussed. There are different aspects of how virtual courts are useful in the present time and change it will make in future functioning of courts are also been discussed in the article. It will provide readers with an overview of how virtual courts are functioning what has been achieved and things that have to be taken as challenges to it. It will provide an overall view of virtual courts functioning and how it enables access to justice to people.

Keywords: Virtual Court, Justice.

*S.S. Jain Subodh Law College, Jaipur

Cite as: Daksh Khandal, 'Virtual Courts and Access to Justice' (2021) 1(1) LKO. L. REV. 51

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