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Fundamental and Preventive Rights: Acts and Obligations Infringement by Women

Garima Jargar*

Published on May 06, 2021 | Manuscript Number: 2021/LLR/06058 | Page Numbers: 58-63

Abstract: Possession of rights and authorities has a huge impact on an individual life, which is prominent for the functioning of society. Every country has either presidential or dictator form of governance but India is the only country that appears to follow the democracy for the departmentalization regarding the delegation of accountabilities and duties. From the ancient transition, society used to blame every circumstance on the shoulder of women because the weaker section was tagged as children as well as women portion. Customs and practices were upheld as rigid as well as certain guidelines to be followed by every person with the replacement of the Constitution. Contrary to the situation of coercion and threat which was surrounded within the people’s mentality is been implemented as upside down or in the simpler word all the accusations are been turned up in the contemporary era. Misuse or misleading the legal provision or any such disciplinary action which acts against the welfare of the nation is been denoted as “legal terrorism”. The main agenda will be highlighted to avoid frivolous complaints and restrict the assertion of false allegations. The critical and crucial purpose of the misconduct which is performed irrespective through the acts or omission will be limited and the ruling of courts by openly convicting the women with the unwanted charges by disrespecting the sanctity of family. Laws, schemes and legislative enactment were amended to prevent the fake claims made unnecessary irrespective of the gender biasness and safeguard the doctrines of all the parliamentary crisis. Revealing the allegation as false which turns out to be as an ulterior motive can be used against the term “innocent masculinity” which can make the economy urge towards the downfall.

Keywords: Democracy, Customs, Legal-terrorism, False allegations and Innocent Masculinity.

*MNLU, Nagpur

Cite as: Garima Jargar, 'Fundamental and Preventive Rights: Acts and Obligations Infringement by Women' (2021) 1(1) LKO. L. REV. 58

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