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UAPA 2019 Amendment: A Tool for Government to Curb Freedom of Citizens and to Violate their Rights


Published on September 19, 2021 | Manuscript Number: 2021/LNLR/19030 | Page Numbers: 30-39

Abstract: India has achieved independence in the year 1947 after a long battle. Since then, the country has vowed to strengthen its security laws. From time-to-time various issues came forward and amendments had been done in these various acts. Some of them are really controversial while some are not. The main aim of this research paper is to aware everyone about the latest amendment being made in the UAPA. The research paper starts by detailing first about the history of the UAPA and then it’s background, various amendments which are being done. Beginning with the introduction, the paper first gives a wide description and background about the latest amendment to the act. The next part of the body of the paper presents problems arising out of this arbitrary amendment and then it further explains how it affects the security and rights of the citizen. It has also been elucidated as to how the amendment in question does not stand the test of Article 14 and 21 and proceeds to answer the research question framed by the Author. Key changes which have been brought out by the amendment have been critically analyzed by the author in the later section of the paper The paper ends with the suggestions of the author to rectify the problems presented by the amendment followed by some concluding remarks. It is not disputed that one of the burning issues today is terrorism and allied acts, but arbitrary actions of the State, like the present amendment, in the name of maintaining and ensuring security of the state, cannot be allowed as the same are against the most basic constitutional principles. The aim of the paper is to let everyone know that security concerns should never jeopardize the citizen’s rights. Through this paper and study the author aims to present a comprehensive picture of that how UAPA operate in India.

Keywords: UAPA, Article 19, Constitution of India, Terrorism, Anti-Terrorist Law, Fair Trial.

*Banasthali Vidyapith University, Rajasthan

Cite as: Parul, UAPA 2019 Amendment: A Tool for Government to Curb Freedom of Citizens and to Violate their Rights (2021) 1(2) LKO. L. REV. 30

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