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Peer reviewers are the learned people and the experts of their fields, Lucknow Law Review is a platform that provides an opportunity for intersectional publication while keeping the law as its base theme; and we need experts to provide suggestions to authors on how to improve the quality of their manuscripts on areas such as technology, sciences, management, philosophy, psychology, etc., and also identify any errors that needs correction before publication.

If you are positive that you can help us and your subject has an intersection with the law, and can assist the Board of Editors with quality publication to raise the bar of legal scholarship; we would be more than happy to know more about you. You can write to us at about, and attach your CV and list of publications with the email. The subject of the email for application will be ‘Application for Peer-reviewer: [Your Name]’.

On successful completion of your tenure will be providing you with a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’, and ‘Letter of Recommendation’ as per your need.

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